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Returns Policy

Toner1 Returns Policy


Welcome to Toner1.  We all want your buying experience to run pleasantly and smoothly however there will be times when product returns may be necessary, usually for reasons beyond our control. We understand the inconvenience that this may cause and we will try to make the process as easy and simple as possible.
Is the product faulty? You may be ordering a replacement cartridge because of poor print quality or marks and lines on the page, or  otherwise getting unsatisfactory printing results. Please be aware that these issues can also be the fault of the printer / copier or paper or wrong settings that should be diagnosed by an authorised service agent if necessary. if you do replace cartridges and get a similar (poor) result then it would not likely to be the fault of the new cartridge and if no problem was found upon inspection of the returned cartridge, then  warranty would not be applicable.  Refer also to our FAQ's for hints on print quality issues.
Inspect Before Opening. Please ensure that the part number on the carton is what you ordered BEFORE opening the product's package. Refer below, "2. Wrong Item Received"
Returns Procedure.  Firstly, determine the reason you need to return a product referring to the list below, "Reasons for Returning a Product"
To request a goods return, an RMA form (Return Materials Authority) is readily available for that purpose via a link at the bottom of our web pages (Returns).   Please note that we cannot process  or receive any products without the completed RMA form for approval and provide you with an RMA number to write onto the shipping carton. The receiving dock will not accept any package without appropriate documentation,  without exception.
If desired, please use our Contact Us footer link or phone 1300 TONER1 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (public holidays excluded).  We will be pleased to assist.
Refer also to additional important information the end of this document:-

        Goods Delivery  - Information when receiving goods

        Returning New Goods - Packaging information

Reasons for returning a product.

1. Warranty Returns- Faulty Product. To initiate a warranty return please complete an RMA form. If you are already logged in, your basic details will be auto filled. We cannot accept goods returns without an RMA number displayed on the package. The following conditions apply to warranty returns that are mostly stipulated by the manufacturer of your printer. When received, warranty returns are evaluated by the manufacturer for credit approval.

Warranty Product Return Conditions

a. An RMA (Return Materiel Authorisation) number is required to return goods. Please fill out the RMA form to obtain an RMA number. You will be advised by of the status.

b. Toner cartridge  problems used in Laser printers and photo copiers require test prints using the cartridge to be returned to indicate the problem.  The test prints must be returned with the cartridge and may be requested prior to RMA Authorisation. This is a mandatory  to process an RMA as stipulated by the manufacturer otherwise the manufacturer will not authorise a return and no credit will be considered.

c. In most cases cartridges must be a over a minimum weight indicting their usage otherwise credit may be rejected.

d. If cartridges have been tampered with or refilled, they will not be accepted for warranty returns and no credit will be issued. In this case, Please do not request a Return Authorisation (RMA) as it will be rejected if any tampering or refilling is evident.

 e. Ensure that the cartridges are properly sealed so that no ink or toner escapes in transit and the packaging protection  is adequate for shipping. Seal the cartridge ink openings  by  taping on the original seals or if not available, tape over ink cartridge openings. Cartridges should then be placed into a sealable plastic bag then wrapped in bubble wrap or similar before placing securely into the shipping carton.

f. Ensure that cartridges are returned within 3 months of the purchase date otherwise credit may be rejected due to manufacturers' stipulations that are beyond our control. We will always endeavor to support any reasonable request from you in order to gain a fair result.

g. Return Authorisations (RMA's) are valid for 14 days from issue.

h. The purchaser is responsible for the cost of product warranty returns as stipulated by the manufacturers warranty conditions unless noted otherwise. You will be advised of the most suitable warehouse delivery location for the product to be returned.

2. Wrong Item received.  Please contact us immediately if you believe you have received the wrong product. The item will be replaced urgently upon receipt of the item. Please DO NOT OPEN THE PRODUCT CARTON and keep the original packaging in tact. A Return Authority (RMA)  number is required to return goods. Refer to the Important message near the end of this document.

Please fill out the RMA form to obtain an RMA number. You will be advised of the pickup arrangements as they come to hand. We would be sorry for this situation to occur and after inspection, would endeavor to replace the product quickly and at no further expense to you.

3. Ordered Incorrectly - Product not Required. Products ordered incorrectly or not required may be returned, at Toner1's sole discretion, within 30 days of purchase date providing that the purchased item is in the original, unopened packaging  and the product and packaging are in a new condition suitable for re-sale. Our acceptance of a product return is also dependent on the likelihood of a full resale within a reasonable time period and other factors that are beyond our control. Use the RMA form to instigate this type of return, refer to "Returns Procedure" below. The purchaser is responsible for the return delivery costs. After the product is returned and assessed and approved for resale, a credit or refund (excluding freight) will be given to your Toner1 account or a refund may be issued using the same method of payment.  Unfortunately there are costs incurred to return products that are not wanted  and a restocking and handling fee of 15% applies to help recover these costs. This would be reflected in the refunded amount.

4. Damaged Goods. Products that are received damaged can be returned for replacement when approved, by using the RMA form. The packaging should be inspected for any damage on receipt on the goods and reported to the driver and us. Refer "Goods Delivery" below.

Goods Delivery.  When the goods are delivered to you, a signature is usually required by the courier / driver. If there is any signs of damage to the packaging, ask the driver  to take note of the damage and if possible, take a photo of the damage and advise us accordingly. The damage may be superficial however  if it is found that the product is faulty, then please advise this to us on the return (RMA) form.

Important After opening the shipping carton and BEFORE opening the product, inspect the products' packaging markings to ensure that you have received the correct product as ordered. If there are any discrepancies found, please contact us immediately. Refer to "Wrong Item Received" above.

Returning New Goods.

The packaging of the original product is not adequate for shipping alone and must be packed into an appropriate shipping package with padding to prevent marks from labels and damage. If available, use the packing that the goods were originally supplied with, if still in good condition.  If the product is shipped only in it's original product packaging, it will become marked and possibly damaged preventing resale as a new item that could affect any refund approval. Please take care to package the goods as you would like them packaged for yourself. This would be very much appreciated.

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